A really good race …… until the GPS got water in it.

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We had a really good race this morning. Three (out of 4) teams took part and we had some really good moments where two boats were sailing along next to each other with neither seeming able to get a lead on the other. It actually felt like a proper sailing race. Of course robotic sailing is never that easy! We crossed the start line well, passed the first waypoint without any problems. Then we had a little bit of problem with the second waypoint as we had to tack up to it and the boat overshot it. This was made worse because we’ve added an additional waypoint to help guide us to the right place but actually this created more problems than it solved and meant we basically ended up circling the waypoint about 4 times. After that Pinta headed out nicely towards the final waypoint but then started to go off course a bit. We suspected something was wrong and found no GPS data was being sent in our telemetry and were forced to abandon the race only a few hundred metres from the final waypoint. Upon getting her back to shore we found that water had entered the electronics box and destroyed the GPS.

Despite this we got some good video of Pinta sailing and I’d attached a timelapse camera so I have a timelapse of the whole trip. The video is shown below along with the GPS track and a photo of Pinta sailing midway through the race.


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