Hunting for Lithium batteries in the middle of Ireland

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We left Aberystwyth about 11pm last night, took the 2am ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare and got to Rosslare about 7am. We had ordered a load of lithium batteries to run our SPOT satellite tracker. This isn’t connected to the main power system of the boat so if all the other electronics stop working it will (hopefully) keep going. The SPOT is designed to run off high capacity lithium non-rechargeable AA batteries (in tests last summer we got over a month of sending hourly messages from a pair of AAs). We ordered a load of batteries from an online supplier and they only arrived yesterday and unfortunately they weren’t AAs they were AAAs. To make things worse we’d ordered some battery holders with them but these were AA battery holders so we didn’t even have a simple way of mounting them. So we’ve been on a search this morning across various towns in Ireland to find some lithium batteries. First we tried Tesco in Waterford, they had none. Then a boating supplies shop (where we also bought some anti fouling paint and silicone sealant), they didn’t have them either. Then we tried two garages along the way, no luck there. We then stopped off in the middle of the town of Dungarvan. We spotted a few potential shops on the way in so three of us got out and went in different directions to see if we could find any batteries. In the end two of us did so we now have something like 26 batteries (10 would have done).


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