Lake Trials for Minty2

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This week we’ve been frantically trying to get Minty2 ready to go to Greenland onboard the yacht Gambo next week. We’ve now had two days of testing at Bala lake in Snowdonia and are now fairly confident we’ve got a non leaking hull and reasonably working control, telemetry data, remote control and video telemetry systems.

We had to make a last minute change to our motor control system after we realised the motor controllers we’d chosen weren’t delivering enough current. After a frantic redesign we’ve chosen two 4QD VTX 40-12s ( controllers that take analogue inputs. Fortunately our Labjack system that is being used for current monitoring also has two spare digital to analogue outputs that we can use for driving the motor controllers.

BeagleB on TV!

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Yesterday BBC’s coast program showed a short piece about our 3.65 metre long robot boat, BeagleB. We filmed this last August when we tried to sail BeagleB out to patches buoy (about 8 nm west of Aberystwyth) and back. It was also the day we launched our 72 cm MOOP boat on its little journey around Cardigan bay, unfortunately the BBC didn’t show the footage of this.

For anyone who missed it, here’s the video from Coast:

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